Pick & Send uses the latest mobile warehouse devices to pick, pack, receive stock and conduct stocktakes. This removes paperwork and increases the accuracy and productivity of your warehouse staff.

Pick & Send uses the latest cloud technology to capture all data in real-time. This gives you up to date visibility and control of stock in your warehouse at anytime, anywhere.

Pick & Send uses barcodes to capture data for most processes that occur in your warehouse. This improves accuracy, efficiency, and ensures that the right products are being sent to your customers.

Pick & Send can be connected directly to your current accounts software. This means the process of adding, removing or modifying products, customers, suppliers, sales orders, and purchase orders can stay the same.

Manage your warehouse in
real-time, anywhere

Remedy common warehouse

  • Shipping Errors

    How did the order go out wrong? Who picked the order? Who sent the order? Where is the correct order? Did someone else receive extra stock?

    Shipping the wrong quantity, the wrong items, incomplete orders, or shipping the wrong order completely are costly mistakes.

    Pick & Send uses handheld mobile devices to scan barcodes to ensure that items being picked are correctly identified, the counts are correct and no items are missed accidently. Pick & Send keeps a record of who picked the order, what items and how many were actually shipped, who dispatched the order, and where the order was dispatched to. In the rare occasion where a shipping error happens you have all the required information at your disposal to work out exactly what went wrong.

  • Sales orders placed based on incorrect stock levels

    Why is the computer saying we have that product when we don’t? Where have these products gone? The stock report says it’s available so why can’t we fulfill this order? Who forgot to alter that products stock level?

    Inaccurate stock levels can create major issues and unexpected shipment delays. Customer experience is tainted due to finding out their order is now on back order because the stock can't be located.

    Pick & Send accurately tracks stock in real time, stock is tracked where and when the movements actually occur. By tracking all movements in realtime you get an accurate up to date stock level. This will improve your re-ordering process and enable you to gain and maintain your customers by delivering their order on time and in full.

  • We have to employ ‘checkers’

    Why do we need to employ another staff to check? Why are we paying someone to double check orders? Why can’t the pickers get it right the first time? Why is the warehouse costing so much in labour?

    In an expensive and time consuming effort to deliver high customer service, you've used your staff to double-check the picking and packing of orders.

    Pick & Send greatly improves picking accuracy which removes the errors that occur at their source. This has been proven in many cases to entirely eliminate the need for double checking of orders.

  • Stocktakes are out

    What happened to the missing stock? You don't have it? You didn't sell it, did you actually receive it? Who pays for it? How much sales opportunity was lost?

    Going through the stocktake variance at the end of a stocktake is a daunting task. Let’s face it, stocktakes don't exist to make money - they are a means of working out how much money was lost due to stock loss.

    Pick & Send will greatly reduce the discrepancies at stocktake time. Pick & Send accurately tracks goods from the time they arrive to the time they leave, including any transfers; therefore eliminating the major sources of stock level discrepancies.

  • Not enough warehouse space

    Where am I going to receipt this to? Why is this stock not in inwards goods? When will this stock be moved? Why is inwards goods so full?

    The stock is in the isles, the shelves are full, there is no room to receive goods inside before putting away.

    Pick & Send has the ability to have users putting away at the same time as other users are receipting. This removes the requirement for 40 foot space to unload the 40 foot container. Pick & Send also helps in many ways to make your stock holding more efficient, giving you more stock holding capacity while keeping the same sized warehouse.

  • Slow picking process

    What is this product? Where is this product? Has someone moved this product? Why is this product not here? Why is it taking us so long to pick a simple order? Why do we keep back tracking? Why didn't that item get picked first?

    Every minute spent trying to find the right products has a direct influence on the overall number of orders you can pick in a day.

    Pick & Send intelligently generates the most efficient walking path for each order. Users are given the correct location of the next pick which removes any time spent trying to work out where the products are located. This also means no back tracking and ensures items that need to be picked first will be. With Pick & Send you can expect to increase your picking efficiency by at least 10-20%.

  • Stocktakes take too long and are a hassle

    Is it stocktake time already? Do we have to do a stocktake this year? Who are we going to get in to help with the counting? How many days will the warehouse be closed? People are off sick, how are we going to be able to complete this stocktake?

    For any warehouse stocktake time is a dreaded time of the year. Endless hours of counting, re-counting, and entering counts manually all in the hope that not too many human errors have occurred along the way.

    Pick & Send collects all stocktake counts through barcodes and completely removes the need for manual data entry. Through the use of barcode scanning there is no data entry to get wrong, items cannot be identified incorrectly and the count cannot be confused. Contracting people in to help the counting can sometimes be avoided, and if not the training required to get them up and running efficiently is far less. Pick & Send will improve the overall accuracy, efficiency and overall experience of your stocktakes.


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Thoughts from people like you

Working Smarter

Eliminate shipping errors

Shipping errors are costly expenses. Time spent resolving the issue, freight costs and worst of all an irritated customer do absolutely nothing for your company image and profit. Pick & Send eliminates the most common reasons for shipping mistakes. Imagine how much simpler life would be without these time consuming, costly errors.

Keep and gain loyal customers

When your warehouse fails to provide accurate, on-time, in-full delivery, it quickly becomes a cost-centre and the weakest link in your sales-chain. With Pick & Send you will decrease the time from order to delivery, while increasing accuracy and the ability to handle priority and last minute orders.

Spend time building your business

Every minute of the day you or your staff spend running around correcting issues related to your warehouse is time not spent building the company.

Get new staff up to speed within hours

New or temporary staff are often a liability until they come to terms with where goods are, how they should be binned and stacked, how they should be packaged and how to identify them. Pick & Send walks these people through the process, allowing them to work faster within hours, not days.

Carry out more orders with the same staff

Tighter stock control makes everyone happy – the store staff work fewer hours during stock-take time, the warehouse manager has less paperwork, the sales team have confidence that stock is actually in stock and you don’t have to wonder why a lot of money in stock is unaccounted for.

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